Fertility Tests: What are the 11 common types of Female Fertility Tests?

11 common types of Female Fertility Tests

Fertility is explained as the ability to get pregnant or conception. But these days many people are suffering from the problem of infertility which means the inability to conceive a child.

This is the condition which can be easily cured with the help of IVF treatment. In order to get detailed information about the procedure, you must visit the IVF Centre and then you will able to know about the fertility tests that are available for ladies in order to examine their ability and health issues. These are explained below include-:

Physical Exam

In this physical exam, your doctor will examine your overall health and reproductive organs in order to get the reason behind infertility. This exam is additionally useful to check whether you have any type of infection or not.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are necessary to examine the blood level in your body and for many other problems such as

  • Thyroid disorders
  • diseases like HIV
  • prolactin levels
  • male hormone levels in your body

Ovulation Evaluation

After the physical exam and blood test if your surgeon notices any other symptom then suggest you take Ovulation evaluation. In this test, he wants to understand the timing of ovulation and previously when you ovulated. In addition, this is the test which cannot be done in one sitting and this required various session or you may need to visit the doctor every month.

Hormone Tests

Hormone test is necessary to examine the levels of the hormone in your body because hormones play an important role in pregnancy. Women body include two types of hormones such as estrogen and progestin, these both are essential to regulation your menstrual cycle. Moreover, your doctor also focuses on Luteinizing hormone and these hormones generally tested during your menstrual cycle on day 3.

Cervical Mucus Testing

This is the test which is very well-known in previous years but the majority of people also take this test these days. This is the test which can be done after a few hours of your intercourse because the surgeon wants to know how the sperm interact with your cervical mucus.


This is the test which is used to check your fallopian tubes. Since fallopian tubes are essential to drive sperm in order to fertilization.


This is the procedure which is done through a small and thin instrument known as a telescope in order to check the condition of your cervix.


This is usually performed to check your overall condition. In this test, your doctor generally examines your health condition if you are suffering from any disease. Or this is also useful to check your hormone levels.


This is the test which is performed in place of HSGin order to examine any blockage or another issue in your uterus.


This is the test which is done in order to check your health condition either you have endometriosis or any other scar tissue problem.

Endometrial biopsy

This is the test which is performed during your menstrual cycle with the goal of whether you are fertilization properly or not.

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