Explain 5 IVF procedure facts, that you need to keep in mind before getting treatment?

Facts about IVF treatment

If you are planning to undergo IVF treatment, then you must talk to the best IVF doctor. This treatment is designed for those with infertility. Infertility is a term that describes a couple’s inability to conceive a baby naturally. This only happens due to several causes including hormonal problems, endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, and certain other health issues.

Here are certain tips to prepare for a fertility future.

IVF works best at a young age.

Yes, it is true that IVF is the best treatment for couples at a young age. If you want to undergo IVF treatment, then you need to get this in your 30s or below 35. As, when women age her ability to produce healthy eggs declines, that’s why we recommend you undergo this treatment.

Start with a fertility test.

To get treatment, first, you need to get a diagnosis of your problem. This is necessary to know and understand the reason behind infertility. You may need to undergo hormone tests to know the hormone levels. As good hormone levels play an important role in conception.

You may also undergo the test for ovaries, which is designed to know whether you are able to produce healthy eggs or not.

In -vitro is not the first fertility treatment.

There are certain other fertility tests available in the market. You must try to conceive naturally first, but if you are unable to conceive even after intercourse of one or 2 years, only then you have to go with treatment options. But do not make IVF your priority to conceive a baby.

Before undergoing IVF, you must go with oral or injectable fertility medication, so that you can try once after taking these medications.

It is an expensive treatment.

Yes, IVF treatment is too expensive as compared to other fertility treatments. The cost of IVF depends on certain factors such as-:

  • Fertility medications

  • IVF cycles cost

  • Fertility tests

  • Fertility specialist’s fees

  • Clinic charges

  • Other facilities

  • If you are unable to produce healthy eggs and your male partner is suffering from no sperm problem, then you need to go with donor egg and sperm. This is also a factor to determine the cost of IVF.

It is not an easy way

You have to be patient because IVF is not an easy way to conceive a baby. First, fertility tests are performed and then treatment starts. Once treatment starts you may need to wait for at least 3 months to get results.