How Ivf Gives New Hope To Conceive A Baby In The Late 40s?

Pregnancy with IVF at the age of 45

Infertility is a common condition that is experienced by both males and females. Females are almost double than males, who are suffering from several fertility issues. They may suffer from ovulation problems, endometriosis, PCOS, hormonal problems, cancer, obesity, and several other problems too. Whereas, men are unable to be a father due to low sperm count, poor sperm motility, and several other sexual problems

So, if you are one of them, who are suffering from fertility problems, then you must visit the IVF centre so that you can get the right infertility treatment. 

If you are struggling to choose the best specialist, then you just visit us once, because here at Sofat hospital, you will surely get the right treatment as per the condition. 

Is it possible to conceive a baby at 40s or after 40s?

Yes, it is possible to conceive a baby at 40s as well as after 40s too. This is only possible with IVF which is additionally known as In-vitro fertilization. This is the best procedure, which gives you new hope to conceive a baby without any problems. So, if you are suffering from this condition, then you need to read this article at the end because we are going to tell you a story of the infertile couple who conceive a baby after 45s. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kapila are struggling to conceive a baby even with one-year unprotected sex. They are too tensed and visited several places, but they do not get the right results. They said, their friend visited them and asked them about the reason behind their anxiety and stress too. After knowing the reasons, she suggested us to visit SOFAT hospital. She said the Sofat fertility clinic is one of the best fertility clinics, which gives you new hope to have a baby. 

Our IVF journey at Sofat hospital.

When a couple visited us, then our specialist first examines them properly and try to know who is unable to have a baby. Once we did with the examination, we find a female partner is suffering from blocked fallopian tubes problem. Fallopian tubes are those which makes a path for sperm to reach the eggs. 

Then we start giving her treatment, we perform tubal surgery, which is specially designed to open the blocked fallopian tubes. After that, we start with the IVF procedure. This includes-:

· Ovary stimulation, so that a woman can produce healthy eggs for conception. 

· Egg and sperm retrieval for fertilization, which takes place in a fertility clinic. 

· Fertilization is done to develop embryos. 

· And then, embryos are transferred to the uterus so that a woman can conceive a baby. 

And now a couple has twins, and they are too happy in their life. 

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