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What Is Sexual Dysfunction And How Fertility Gets Affected By It?

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre, best Sex Specialist Doctors in Ludhiana provides the treatments for Sexual Dysfunction disorders and fertility.

Explain Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is an issue in the sexual desire of a person or orgasm. Well, the problem is very common. It affects around 40 percent of women and 30 percent of men.

How Common Is The Problem?

In some cases, the sexual issue may go when the infertility treatment end. Whereas sometimes the difficulty lingers on and becomes worse even when the treatment ends. The couple who have not faced the sexual problem often find that their sexual desire is getting low because of stress or strain on infertility. If you are facing problem then you should visit our Sexologist in Ludhiana.

Why The Problem Is Common In An Infertile Couple?

Infertility treatment brings stress, anxiety, psychological demand, and physically tiring. No doubt, love making process is to connect emotionally. The sex life is linked with anger, frustration, restlessness, and failure. Due to infertility problem, the pressure to perform sex will push the couple apart. The treatment of fertility will make sex less enjoyable. As the treatment goes on the issue will get worse.

Well, it doesn’t matter if the problem just started or the couple was already facing the issue. The disappointment of not having the child will increase with the stress of fertility treatment.

How does it affect physically?

Sexual dysfunction will affect intercourse and prevent conception. Anything related to a sexual response like an orgasm, desire, resolution, pain, and arousal will lead to the issue of infertility. This is visible in different ways like not want to have sex, not able to keep the erection, issue releasing the semen and vaginal muscle tightness which eventually prevent the intercourse.

How Does It Affect Emotionally?

The sexual performance of many couples is affected because the pressure to perform sex on demand, the pressure to planned sex, anxiety, and painful test.

When infertility continues along with that feeling of sexual inadequacy & depression will occur as fertility and sexuality are related to each other. Both men and women lose the desire to have a sexual activity which is not for conceiving and they avoid having intercourse or they do not even care about it. This can end with a couple feeling disconnected and loss of affection.

How To Treat The Problem?

It depends on how the couple is affected by the issue. In some cases, couples have to get medical help. Some people get benefit from psychological support and counseling. Getting sex therapy and medications are actually the best treatment method because they do treat the physical and emotional stress. It is essential you seek the help of the doctor so that they can tell the best treatment option for your problem.

Keep These Things In Mind:

  • Talk about sex
  • Start focusing on the relationship
  • Avoid ritualized and mechanistic approach to sex
  • Make time for lovemaking.
  • Try to have alone time
  • Don’t let infertility affect you.
  • Seek help and keep in mind you are alone in this.