What are the treatments options available with IVF Treatment for immature Oocytes in Women?

Treatment options for immature oocytes

Infertility is a health condition which is common nowadays in many couples due to many health ill effects. Many people get IVF treatment in order to conceive a baby which gives them better results. But these days some people are suffering from infertility due to many other reproductive problems such as women are unable to produce and mature eggs. In this way, they have to go for IVM process which is additionally known as In-Vitro maturation. Let’s have a look at IVM process.

What is IVM?

IVM process is additionally known as IN-Vitro maturation which is specially designed to mature the immature oocytes. The immature eggs are collected with minor surgery which is then matured outside the body in test tube baby centre in Punjab.

People who have certain health conditions, which are responsible to produce immature eggs include PCOS and some other health conditions in women. In this situation, this treatment is recommended before the IVF or along with IVF treatment.

Since IVF is the technique of ART which is designed to treat infertility. In this treatment, your surgeon matured the eggs with the injection of hormones and then combine them with the sperm in order to develop healthy embryos so that you can easily conceive without any problem.

What are the different steps involved with IVM procedure?

There are 5-6 different steps involved in this IVM process in order to mature the oocytes which are previously immature.

  • In this type of procedure, your surgeon first examines your health condition and then recommend some type of blood test so that he can understand your health condition.
  • After this, he collects the immature eggs from the woman’s ovaries and then begins the process of maturation with hormone injections.
  • The third step in IVM is to collect sperm so that fertilization takes place outside the human body.
  • After this, he combines booth mature oocytes and sperm for fertilization and leaves them for some time so that they can able to produce healthy embryos.
  • In the end, your surgeon placed healthy embryos in your uterus so that you can simply conceive a baby.

Who are suitable for this IVM process?

There are several women who are eligible for this process who have certain health conditions such as as:

  1. Women who have PCOS problem.
  2. In addition, women who undergo IVF treatment but do not have mature eggs and only have immature eggs.
  3. Women who have cancer and get the treatment of cancer which is harmful to your fertility.
  4. Women who have damaged fallopian tubes
  5. Male who is suffering from low sperm count or motility
  6. Women who have ovulation disorders, premature ovarian failure, or uterine fibroids.
  7. Moreover, women who have a limited number of eggs left.