Premature ovarian failure: How IVF treatment helps in solving the issue of POF?

Treatment for Premature ovarian insufficiency

What is POF?

POF (Premature Ovarian Failure): problem in which the women ovaries lose their functionality at a very early age. Due to this, the amount of estrogen and progesterone in the ovaries decreases and the number of eggs which are produced are very less. In most cases, this problem is common to women younger than 40 and they did not have periods for more than four months. According to research, around 1% of women experience this problem.

The problem of POF can also lead to the problem of infertility and there might be other symptoms of menopause also. In addition to this, some women experience the problem of vaginal dryness, hot flashes, irregular periods, and insomnia.

Causes of POF

POF is because of different factors which include genetic and autoimmune condition. Sometimes, the women might have undergone the treatment of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery on the ovaries at a very young age. However, the exact cause or reason of POF is not known in around 90% of cases.


The women who are diagnosed with POF will face the issue of less availability of eggs (do not ovulate), which create the issue to conceive successfully.

  • IVF treatment

      If you are facing the issue of POF then you can still conceive with the IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization) treatment. In these cases, the IVF treatment is combined with donor eggs. You should visit our IVF center and consult with the doctor regarding the treatment. This treatment option is undoubtedly the best and most successful also for women with POF. If she decides to choose her own egg then the chances of pregnancy are very low.

      In a normal cycle, the fertility hormone is given which helps in stimulating the eggs. Once the eggs are matured enough they are retrieved from the ovaries so that they can be fertilized with the sperm. Once the embryo is developed they are placed back in the woman’s reproductive tract. In the case of POF also estrogen supplements are given so that the hormonal level is sufficient and the eggs are produced in the required amount. If not, egg donation is combined with IVF, which increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. The egg donors are most of the time young so the quality of the egg is also good. Even the research has also shown that this method of treatment is the most successful for the POF patient.

  • Estrogen therapy

      Estrogen therapy is also helpful and it helps in preventing the problem if hot flashes and other estrogen deficiency. Basically, it helps in restoring the functionality of ovaries. Additionally, the doctor will prescribe the therapy until a specific age which is around 50 or 51. After that, estrogen plus progestin therapy increase the risk of breast cancer, blood vessel disease, and heart disease.

You should consult the doctor and then move further with the treatment.