What is the procedure of painless childbirth? Who should get it done?

What is the procedure of painless childbirth? Who should get it done?

What is the procedure of painless childbirth? Who should get it done?

Childbirth pain can be intense at times and if you try to measure it then it can be 8 on a scale of 10. When a woman has conceived through IVF by getting treatment from the best IVF Centre in Punjab there concern is whether the painless delivery is possible or not. Bear in mind, whether you have conceived naturally or through IVF treatment, painless childbirth is possible. When you visit the infertility clinic in Ludhiana make sure to talk about the same.

What is painless delivery and what is its procedure?

Epidural anesthesia is like a life savior for women who cannot bear the pain. It is a type of regional anesthesia which allows the body to control the pain in a specific region.

During labor, the anesthesia is injected into the lower back which makes the childbirth process much easier than expected. Specifically, when the women conceive in her 30s the pain bearing capacity becomes low and this is where the epidural anesthesia will help to cut down the pain to a great extent.

How is painless childbirth carried out?


  • For painless childbirth, the doctor will give you IVF fluid before giving the epidural. Make sure to keep your back straight and stay still. You must be thinking, ‘Why this posture?’ Doing so will increase the epidural effectiveness and chances of having any issue are less.
  • On the waistline, the doctor will apply antiseptic solution and then local anesthesia is given. The doctor will inject the needle around the spinal cord on the lower back area. Through the catheter, epidural anesthesia is injected.

What are the benefits of painless delivery?

  • Helps you to stay relaxed and you can watch your baby being born.
  • Postpartum depression and fatigue is less
  • Pain relief option at its best so stress hormones are not released.
  • Helps to control the blood pressure, otherwise, it can increase the risk of stroke.
  • Patients with heart disease or preeclampsia are best suitable for this option.

Who should undergo the painless delivery?

  • Patients with medical conditions like heart problems, hypertension, or preeclampsia.
  • Undergone cesarean delivery in the past and want to get vaginal birth, now.
  • In the past, the labor had some complications and this is the reason the doctor suggested you get painless delivery.

Who is not a suitable candidate for painless delivery?

  • Women with a bleeding disorder
  • Women with neurological disease
  • Women with the issue of blood clotting
  • Women with a skin infection in the epidural region
  • Undergone back surgery in the past

Can painless delivery procedures fail?

Till the present time, there is no such data that shows the painless delivery can fail. There might be some issue of epidural anesthesia fail due to a number of reasons like:

  • Incorrect placement of the needle
  • Anatomical challenges in the patient
  • Catheter migration following initial placement

Consult your gynae or fertility expert

With that said, this option is safe. In case you are not comfortable getting this, you should talk to your doctor. She will talk you through the options which can help you to get a comfortable childbirth experience.