A success fertilization procedure with IVM and Tesa procedure

A success fertilization procedure with IVM and Tesa procedure

What is IVM?

The full form of IVM is In Vitro Maturation procedure is an assisted reproductive technique used for the fertilization treatment. It is a simple procedure in which immature eggs are retrieved from the ovaries and kept in the laboratory in proper care until and unless they get properly developed before being fertilized. It is a less intense and more natural way of fertilization compared to IVF. For more information you can consult the Best IVF Centre in Punjab

What is the TESA Procedure? 

The full form of TESA is Testicular Sperm Aspiration procedure. It is a procedure in which sperm is retrieved directly from the testicles of men who face difficulty in producing sperm in a natural way.It is a fertility procedure which is performed in a situation when there is issue in producing or releasing the sperm or in a situation in which sperm production is impaired. Then retrieved sperm is used in the procedure of fertilization. For more information you can consult Best IVF Centre in Srinagar

A success story of fertilization with IVM and TESA procedure:

Gayatri, a 34 year old woman and his husband Himanshu, 37 years old, were trying to have a baby for the last 6 years. They even tried IVF but it didn’t succeed. Last year they came to the Sofat infertility center in which they went through some tests before a treatment plan was prepared for them, as they had some fertility failure before. After the test are done, our senior most doctor advised for TESA procedure for the husband. In the TESA procedure, firstly the area in which sperm was retrieved was numbed using local anesthesia to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Then a thin needle was  put inside the testicles and suction was applied to withdraw the fluid containing sperm in it. After this the retrieved fluid was examined to identify and isolate viable sperm. Then the collected sperm is usd for the IVF treatment. 

But the procedure was not that easy, during the IVF procedure it was noted that Gayatri has a low follicular growth. So she was prescribed IVM procedure. In the IVM procedure immature eggs were collected from the ovaries using a small surgical procedure with ultrasound guidance. Then the immature eggs of Gaytri were cultured in a special nutrient rich solution in the laboratory . They were  kept in proper monitor over a period of time when they matured. Once the eggs were matured they were fertilized with the sperm with the conventional insemination. After fertilization the resulting embryos were cultured for a few days and healthy embryos were transferred to the uterus for implantation.
This whole procedure was performed by our experienced doctors which leads to the success of the fertilization process for Gayatri and Himanshu. The moment when they had their baby in their hand they felt so happy and thankful to the team of doctors of Sofat Infertility Center which is the Best IVF Centre in Patiala.