What Is A Test Tube Baby And Its Procedure To Conceive A Child?

Step By Step Procedure Of Ivf treatment

What Is A Test Tube Baby? The term test tube baby implies conceiving a child outside of the woman’s body in the initial stages. To give it a more technical explanation, a test tube baby is basically a way of conceiving a child with the help of laboratory fertilization. The doctor conducts this under the […]

Test Tube Babies: A Blessing In The Medical Field For Infertile Couples

Test tube baby Center in Punjab

Infertility is not only a medical condition but is also a social stigma. It ruins the lives of people and their relationships. The orthodox thinking of society has made it hard for people to overcome it. Discoursing about such topics seems taboo, which creates a barrier for the couple to find a solution without feeling […]

Is it right to claim that IVF or test tube baby procedure is the same?

Is it right to claim that IVF or the test tube baby procedure is the same?

The doctors of the Sofat Infertility and the women care centre – The best fertility clinic in Ludhiana has noticed that many couples are confused whether the IVF and the test tube baby is the same or not. And here at this point, we found it extremely necessary to make each of them know about […]

Everything you should know about test-tube baby & the related procedure

We accept that encountering those negative strips, again and again, is not easy for the couple and they have to struggle a lot to get themselves in the regular motion to try once again. But we want to tell you that there is no need to get hopeless since many couples have gone through the […]

How is it safe and beneficial for you to undergo IVF treatment?


Due to the current scenario, most people are focusing on their professional life. Every couple wants that their career should take pace and then only they will plan to have a family. But, when the couple looks for the path to parenthood, they want to look for the different possibilities as they are having issues […]