What are the reasons India is one of the best destinations for IVF?


Are you struggling to conceive?

Has your diagnosis shown that you are infertile?

In this case, you hunt for the best place to begin the IVF cycle. Coming straight to the point, India’s medical tourism has flourished so that no one would have thought about it. This is where you need to look for one of the best IVF center in Punjab to plan for the entire journey correctly.

INDIA: One of the best destinations to plan your IVF Journey

Indian medical tourism has transformed itself in every sphere of medical science, be it innovation or bringing the best technology. So, when you are looking for one of the Best IVF Doctor in Ludhiana, you have to be sure that you did the proper search by carefully going through all the necessary steps. Some of the significant reasons to consider India as your destination to plan for IVF journey are:

  • Experienced IVF doctor

The experience of the fertility doctor is the key or crucial factor to boost the success chances. So, when you begin the search, make sure to check the doctor’s experience and then further plan your IVF journey. Keeping that in mind will help you make the necessary steps of IVF go smoothly.


  • Availability of updated technology

The most crucial factor is the availability of updated technology that allows infertile couples to benefit themselves in all ways. Here is the list of some of the treatment options that you can get:

Depending on your condition, the infertility doctor will guide you towards the right suggestion to manage your condition in all the right ways.


  • Treatment is given under strict protocols

Indeed! The IVF treatment needs to be given under strict protocols, as with every step, something important needs to be followed. If any of the steps are not tracked or avoided, the results are affected. In India, the IVF doctors are highly trained, and within all the IVF Labs, strict guidelines are followed to ensure the final results are not affected.


  • Increasing success rate

When a couple plans for their IVF journey, the focus is even directed towards the IVF success rate. In India, the IVF success rate at the top-rated IVF centre is more than 60% which is a great way to understand the way treatment is done and why choosing India is the best choice.


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Well, now you know India is one of the best destinations. If you are struggling to get the best possible care, then schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sumita Sofat to plan for your IVF journey effectively and get all the necessary details about the treatment.