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Egg Freezing Cost India

Egg freezing allows females to freeze and store their eggs for use in future when they are ready to become pregnant. This procedure usually suppresses the reproductive biological clock of women, providing them more options to choose than earlier. This process has not been followed potentially by many clinics due to insufficient skills and potential.

On the other side, we have experience as well as facilities. We have enabled many couples to have a baby by using their frozen eggs at the larger rate than any other clinic in India.

Egg Freezing Rs. 25000 + 5000 (Every Year)

Can You Freeze Eggs?

Egg freezing is significant for several reasons for ladies who look for preserving their fertility in order to complete their education or achieve career or personal targets before becoming pregnant. There can be several reasons to choose egg freezing such as women suffering with cancer, issues in embryo freezing or others.

Through vitrification cryopreservation women can produce eggs in their young age and use them later when they ready to experience the motherhood. Unlike ovaries, uterus remains unaffected by aging so women can become pregnant in their older age like 40s and 50s. The eggs are frozen at -196 oC so there quality doesn’t lose over the time. Your clinician will explain the method about how to freeze eggs to maintain their quality.

How Egg Reserve Works?

Since egg is the biggest cell in the human body it possesses the large magnitude of water. Before freezing water is extracted from the egg and replaced with anti-freezing liquid to prevent crystallization while freezing that ensure eggs do not damage over the time. During the pregnancy cycle, eggs are injected with sperm for fertilization using ICSI technique. If you are interested in freezing your eggs for future use, ask your physician for the cost of freezing eggs and choose this procedure to retain your fertile power for longer period.

Egg is a huge cell as compared to embryos and sperm to freeze. Eggs are frozen by a low-freeze method or another is flash-freezing technique also known as vitrification. To retrieve eggs for freezing, patient injection procedure same as in-vitro fertilization. But the difference is to egg retrieval, they are frozen for a long time before thru thawed and transferred to uterus as embryos. Approximately 3-7 weeks require to full egg freezing cycle and its constant stage of IVF process: When eggs have adequately matured, then They released with a needle placed into vagina unber ultrasound guidance. A froozen egg remain save for a long time into 196 degrees celsius.