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How GIFT Brings Hope In Infertile Females

GIFT describes an assisted pregnancy method under which female’s eggs are removed from her ovary, mixed with sperm and placed back into the fallopian tube simultaneously. This is a different procedure than IVF and ZIFT as this process is conducted inside the fallopian tube instead in the lab.

The essential criterion to conduct this procedure is healthy fallopian tubes.


GIFT Procedure Steps

  • An X- ray is done to evaluate the state of fallopian tube. A physician also utilizes laparoscope to confirm the presence of scar or damaged tissues if any on the fallopian tubes.
  • Through laparoscpe, eggs are received from ovaries
  • Male develops sperm on the same day of the egg removal
  • The eggs and sperm in a catheter
  • The combination is placed in the fallopian tubes through catheter
  • Female then receives the medicines to develop the uterine lining to conduct the implantation of the fertilized egg

The remaining eggs are used for IVF and possible embryos are saved for future use

Who Can Choose GIFT

  • Couples facing unknown infertility
  • Failed IVF
  • Couples who do not want to try IVF
  • Females with minimum one good fallopian tube
  • Male factor infertility due to low sperm count or poor motility of sperm or other problems


  • In GIFT, eggs are fertilized in fallopian tubes whilst in IVF, eggs are taken out of female’s body then separately fertilized with sperm in the lab condition.
  • GIFT can only be used on females who have minimum one healthy fallopian tube. On the other hand, IVF is feasible for females with abnormal or damaged tubes
  • Through IVF, fertilization of egg and embryo quality can be determined which is not possible in GIFT.
  • GIFT involves egg fertilization inside the female body, so couples can stay ensured of ethical factors while embryo implant.


  1. Patients do not need to admit in hospital for days, they simply recover on the same day


  1. Embryo quality and egg fertilization cannot be determined

Success Rates

However GIFT is a new technology that is not as much popular like IVF, but it is known to increase the pregnancy rates by 50%. In older females, the rate of pregnancy is lower. In case an older female is lucky to develop several healthy eggs, there are chances to get pregnant equally to younger females by fertilizing her eggs. With GIFT, pregnancy rates are significantly improved in older females who experience  cervical issues

If you fail to conceive with GIFT, try it again in future. Undoubtedly you still have chances to conceive in the future GIFT cycles, if you didn’t succeed in first attempt. So do not lose hope.