What is the ideal season of conception?

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Take a moment and think about the birthdays of your friends and relatives, and you will realise that more than half of them have their birthdays in the summertime. But why is this so? Well, if you count back the months from the birthday, you would notice that the seasons of them all being conceived […]

Which Tested & Proven Measures Help To Increase The IVF Success Rates?


A lot of the physical and emotional investment is associated with fertility treatments, therefore it is intensely crucial to make sure that each IVF cycle reaches the verge of success. If you are already going through an IVF process, then here is a list of the few things that can increase your chances for successful […]

Empirical assessment to plan and pay for your IVF treatment in 2022

_How to finance your IVF Treatment

Let me start the blog by saying, ‘Often difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. In today’s blog, I am going to share the journey of patients who visited our IVF centre: Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre, Punjab. Their journey of infertility has major roadblocks which made them think nothing would help them to get blessed […]