What is the ideal season of conception?

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Take a moment and think about the birthdays of your friends and relatives, and you will realise that more than half of them have their birthdays in the summertime. But why is this so? Well, if you count back the months from the birthday, you would notice that the seasons of them all being conceived are falling back to the winter season. Strange right? One might wonder if it Is something in the autumn air that leads to couples having sexual intercourse more often than any other time, which leads to conception. While there is nothing much to say about the autumn air igniting the feeling of sexual intercourse, however, conception is actually affected during the winter season, which makes it the ideal season to conceive. If you are planning to get pregnant, make sure to visit an IVF centre in Punjab to navigate before and after health measures of pregnancy and to know the ideal time to get pregnant for you. 

Why is the winter season best suitable for conception?

While chills might be running down your spine due to the immense cold weather, it is actually the happiest time for sperm as they do not have to encounter excessive heat. Men, when trying to conceive, are usually advised to keep away from the heat, especially their testicles, as for adequate sperm production, the requirement of low temperature is desirable, as a warm environment can cause slow sperm production and even abnormal sperm. 

The ideal temperature for optimum sperm production is 4 degrees lower than the actual body temperature. There are a number of causes that can affect the temperature around the testicles and cause it to go up:

  • Wearing briefs in place of loose boxers. 
  • Wearing skin-tight clothes
  • Sitting with a warm laptop placed on your lap
  • Relaxing in sauna or a hot tub
  • Fever and other health issues

Higher testosterone means higher.

During the fall and winter, the level of testosterone is high, which leads to a higher sex drive that eventually results in higher fertility along with very good chances of pregnancy. Various studies have shown that the concentration of sperm is generally low during August through October and then starts to elevate as the temperature cools down during the winter season. It is proved by the birth patterns that the ideal time to conceive a baby is the winter season, as it creates a hostile environment for the sperm and increases fertility. The months that are identified to be the most fertile months of the year resulted in the highest number of births nine months post-conception.  

Therefore if you are planning to start a family or join another member into the family then trying in the winter season would be the best idea for you. Though, people who usually have a low sperm count throughout the year must visit the best IVF centre in Jammu in order to find a suitable solution for any infertility issue. 

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