What are the common reasons which lead to repeated IVF failures?

IVF-success stories of a couple who were blessed with twins after multiple IVF failures

Being diagnosed with infertility can be stressful and difficult to manage the situation. Consulting the best gynaecologists in Ludhiana will help you understand what can be done to improve the conception chances. In some cases, when the couple undergoes the IVF treatment the cycle does not result in success. Well, there are different reasons for that. When you visit the best IVF centre in Punjab, you will be given detailed information on precautionary measures you need to take. In this blog, we will break down the reasons behind repeated IVF failure.


Common causes of repeated IVF failures

  • Poor Endometrium

In some cases, there is a problem with thin endometrium or low-quality endometrium. If this is the scenario, then the endometrium with poor quality won’t be suitable for implantation.

  • Uterine abnormality

If you have been previously diagnosed with endometrial polyps, uterine fibroids, septum, or untreated abnormality then there are chances that the IVF cycle will fail. This problem can make it difficult for implantation.

  • Embryo quality

Embryo quality is an important part of IVF treatment. If the chromosomes are of poor quality or abnormal embryos it will hinder the process of implantation. The embryos will not stay there for the required amount of time.

  • Genetic abnormality with the gametes

Generally, any abnormality will affect normal functioning. Even if there are minor chromosomal microdeletions it will affect the gamete standard. In turn, it will affect embryo quality to a great extent.

  • Autoimmune disease

If you are suspected to have an autoimmune disease, then there are high chances that you will face recurrent IVF failure. It is important to get the screening so that the chances of repeated pregnancy losses are reduced. Your fertility expert will let you know in detail what you should do or what is your current situation.

  • Other health issues

In some cases, the women have problems with thyroid, uncontrolled diabetes, or another health issue that affects the chances of a safe pregnancy.

  • Issue during embryo transfer

One of the major reasons behind IVF failure is embryo transfer or issue with the embryo transfer method. If the catheter tip has blood then there is a risk of failure during the fertility treatment.

  • Age

When a woman gets married at a young age, there can be issues, and at that time you will notice a drastic change in the hormonal level following infertility.

  • Suboptimal ovary stimulation

At some time, there is a risk of repeat IVF treatment because the eggs are not produced following the fertilization.

  • Weight

Overweight issues can affect the success chance of IVF treatment to a great extent. This way, the IVF procedure will fail. If you are underweight then are increased chances of you experiencing IVF failure. Before you get the treatment make sure to keep control over your weight.

  • Underweight or anorexic

On the other hand, if the woman is underweight or does strenuous workouts then the ovulation problem can trigger. Well, it happens because the estrogen level declines to a great extent. The women will face an irregular menstrual cycle, or it is absent.