Asthenospermia- Causes and Prevention

Asthenospermia- Causes and Prevention


The major cause of male factor infertility is the lack of sperms, in some cases, infertility in men is found to be caused by poor sperm motility. In an average man minimum 50% of sperm are motile which is adequate. Such condition is named as asthenospermiaor astheozoospermia.

Asthenospermia Diagnosis

Sperm motility is diagnosed during semen evaluation in the lab. Sperm motility describes an ability of sperm to move. Most of people visit their physician to get a medicine that can treat this issue. As most of the people trust that there is a medicine for every ailment. So they ask their doctor for a pill that can increase their sperm count. But in truth, there is no pill to improve sperm motility.

Causes of Asthenospermia

  1. Infection in reproduction system, inflammation in epididymis, seminiferous duct and genital glands that affect the motility of sperms
  2. Irregular liquefaction of seminal fluid or no liquefaction that results into male infertility
  3. Internal secretion problems. Increased amount of estrogen in serum affects the sperms motility. Moreover unnecessary dosage of testosterone also increases testo content in serum that decreases sperm’s motility.
  4. Prolong abstinence that results into extensive thickness of sperms and dead sperms. So in men who do not have ejaculation for a long period, asthenospermia occurs.

Prevention of asthenospermia

  1. Prevent frequent masturbation. In reality, prolong and regular masturbation causes infection in genital organs that decreases the sperm motility. Additionally the composition, magnitude and reliability of sperms are also decreased.
  2. Don’t over use the chemicals because these cause to decrease in sperm motility. Therefore patients should avoid extensive use of chemicals such as keep the dry cleaned clothes for few minutes before wearing.
  3. Eat a healthy diet that provides essential nutrition to sperms hence increases their motility. Essential foods are vegetables, fruits and trace elements
  4. Quit smoking, drinking and late night up.
  5. Also avoid the use of antibiotics because they affect the sperm’s quality and motility.

Till now no method is found to increase the sperm motility. Therefore the advanced management of low sperm count utilizes the assisted reproductive technique to help couples conceive. The latest protocol for handling the male infertility depends on the motile sperm count created by male and a test that is known as a sperm survival test. The sperms are washed and their recovery is evaluated, the sanitized sperms are placed in a culture medium in the incubator for a day and thereafter evaluated again. So you should get a complete consultation from physician for assisted reproduction.