Common Questions About IVF

Common questions about IVF

In Vitro Fertilization is the lab procedure in which eggs are retrieved from the uterus and fertilized in the lab for the successful pregnancy even for infertile couples There are common questions related to IVF that generally patients asked from IVF experts. What is duration of egg retrieval process? It is quite rapid procedure and […]

Can There Be Seasonal Sperms?

graph chart of sperms seasonal wise

It is shocking fact to know but it is true that there are seasonal sperms as even we can observe that in autumn and winter there are bumper crops for new babies now studies have stamped on this fact that in early spring and in winter released sperms are healthiest one. This fact has been […]

How to Cope up with Male Infertility

Males take infertility as blot on their masculine feeling but unfortunately male infertility is also increasing with the passage of time. 40% infertile couples are struggling due to male infertility. Semen analysis is the method to know about level of infertility in males in which motility, mobility and magnitude of sperms is analyzed. After complete […]

Positivity can lead to happy pregnancy

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Positivity is house for happiness and relief so during pregnancy positive attitude can lead to safe pregnancy. IVF experts suggest the pregnant women to stay happy so that they can burst out their stress and fatigue during pregnancy. “However it is bit hard to stay positive but due to inconveniences and aches during pregnancy even […]

10 Ways To Boost Up Fertility

10 fertility tips

There is drastic increase in the fertility problems these days which leads to disappointment in couple. With the ratio of 1:6 couples find problems in having babies and sometimes pregnancies end with the miscarriage due to fertility problems. There for our expert Dr.Sumita Sofat who is specialized in treating infertility problems always provide some tips […]