Common Questions About IVF

Common questions about IVF

In Vitro Fertilization is the lab procedure in which eggs are retrieved from the uterus and fertilized in the lab for the successful pregnancy even for infertile couples

There are common questions related to IVF that generally patients asked from IVF experts.

  • What is duration of egg retrieval process?

It is quite rapid procedure and the length of this process depends on the presence of total follicles. If with the ultrasound probe it will be easy to reach to the ovaries then procedure takes only 20-30 minutes.

  • Does egg retrieval cause pain?

Eggs are removed from the ovaries under the anesthesia that heavily sedate the patient so women do not feel pain during the process.

  • Is egg retrieval safe for ovaries?

This procedure is totally safe for the ovaries. Even the women that go for multiple egg retrieval they have also fine ovaries.

  • Can there be bleeding after egg retrieval?

There can be vaginal bleeding after egg retrieval but only minor bleeding can be there from the needle puncture sites in the vaginal wall.

  • Can egg be retrieved from each follicle?

Egg can only be retrieved from the mature sized follicles that have quality eggs not immature or post mature eggs.

  • Will embryo transfer be painful?

Embryo is transferred by using the speculum that allows the IVF specialist to see cervix so the women only feels speculum not pain. This procedure does not require anesthesia.

  • What is laser hatching and is performed on all embryos?

Laser hatching is performed to make small opening in the shell for the proper implantation of embryo and in some cases it is done for the IVF success such as if women have age more than 40.

  • What is done with unused embryos?

In IVF procedure only the best quality embryo is transferred and the left embryos can be frozen for future use of same couple or for the donations to other needy couples. Even as per the permission of couple4s these embryos can be used for research work.

  • When can I have pregnancy test after IVF cycle?

As to induce ovulation HCG is used so the pregnancy test will remain positive for number of days after egg retrieval due to presence of HCG in blood and urine so the pregnancy test must be performed after the 12-14 days of egg retrieval.

  • Are there any chances for IVF failure and after how much time I can try again?

In few case IVF cycle get failed due to various reasons related to response of body, Age of women and even cause of infertility can also lead to unsuccessful treatment. But those couples can get success after second attempt and it is recommended generally to wait until the complete menstrual cycle for next trial means you can try again up to 6 weeks.

  • Are there any Side effects of IVF treatment

There can be few potential side effects of IVF like miscarriage, multiple births and OHSS but all these can be prevented if you have chosen right doctor for IVF that is specialized and efficient to use the advanced techniques that can reduce risk of failure and side effects in IVF treatment.