Positivity can lead to happy pregnancy

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Positivity is house for happiness and relief so during pregnancy positive attitude can lead to safe pregnancy. IVF experts suggest the pregnant women to stay happy so that they can burst out their stress and fatigue during pregnancy.

“However it is bit hard to stay positive but due to inconveniences and aches during pregnancy even mood get changed frequently. But negativity can lead to stress that can add to discomfort and frustrations and can adversely affect child and mother’s health” said IVF specialists.

On the bright side positivity can reinforce your health and relax the mind. Even optimistic approach can ease the blood circulation. Keep your mood balanced and give you strength for coping up with various effects of pregnancy.

How to remain positive?

  1. Studies have proved that affirmations can be best tool for remaining positive during pregnancy. These statements must be recited during the pregnancy that can burst out negativity and stress. Even IVF doctors believe that these statements should be affirmed not in negotiation like there must be statement that I am fit and healthy not like there will no complications during pregnancy.
  2. Even positive words can be revised in mind for positivity like beautiful, healthy, normal rather than sperms, eggs and surgery.
  3. Share your thoughts and beliefs with your partner so that stress and tension can be released and even healthy thoughts and beliefs can be transferred
  4. During pregnancy mood swinging is normal so just enjoy the time and even go for dating, surprises and gifts with partner to enjoy the best moments of life and even enjoy sex even during pregnancy which is good way to release your pressure.
  5. Even best IVF centers asked the pregnant women to eliminate negativity around you. Avoid negative people that could drag you down and even read positive books, watch funny movies and even paste some positive and motivating photographs around you.

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