Strange Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Strange Early Symptoms of Pregnancy (1)

Everyone will tell you about the well-known signs of pregnancy. According to the gynae doctor , the pregnancy is marked primarily by missing your period. The lady doctor further specifies that if you are pregnant, you will also experience tenderness in the breasts and you will feel exhausted all the time. However, there are some […]

How Do I Choose A Infertility Specialist Punjab?

How do I choose a fertility specialist

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Punjab: Getting diagnosed with infertility is bad enough, getting a good fertility specialist is an even more taxing job. There are several sources through which you can get information but they may host contradictory opinions and views. However, you must arrive at the right address for your treatment. Patients […]

Gynaecologist: How to Choose Best IVF Specialist Doctor for Infertility Treatment

Ways to choose the best Fertility centre

IVF is a procedure which spells hope for many women with fertility issues. The treatment requires a lot of physical effort, mental stress, and financial burden. The chances of its success depend primarily on the doctor you choose. In this post, we are paving your way for finding the perfect doctor for your treatment: Consult […]