Can Blocked Fallopian Tube Can Be Treated With Tubal Surgery?

Tests To Diagnose Infertility In Women

Infertility is a problem that many people go through, and the reasons for infertility vary from one person to another. Just like the causes of infertility differ, so do the solutions to manage it. For example, consulting an IVF centre in Punjab can be one solution.  Tubal infertility is usually caused by a blockage in […]

How can women extract pregnancy by defeating the problem of PCOS?


Even though PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is not recognized globally, it is a hormone-based issue that influences the life of five to ten percent of ladies worldwide. Unlike common identifiable diseases, it brings several conditions and signs that push women towards severe health problems. If you are dealing with these issues, line up your initial […]

A Step-By-Step Explanation On The Procedures Of IVF Treatment


One of the most effective solutions for infertile couples is undergoing IVF treatment. If you struggle to conceive a child naturally, you can visit the Best Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab. This way, you find several other options to help you overcome your infertility without complications. However, IVF can be a very unpredictable process, […]

क्या आप जानते हैं टेस्ट ट्यूब बेबी की विधि में कितने स्टेप्स होते हैं?

_टेस्ट ट्यूब बेबी करने की विधि!

भारत में ७०% जोड़े प्राकृतिक रूप से बच्चा करने में असमर्थता का सामने करते है| जिसके चलते वे Sofat Infertility and Women Care Centre – The Best Fertility Clinic in Ludhiana के चिकित्स्कों से मश्वरा करते है| हमारे Fertility Experts सबसे पहले एक जोड़े की उपजाऊ क्षमताओं को बढ़ाने के लिए कुछ दवाइयों की सहायता […]

A guide to knowing about consequences of IVF through 6 topmost FAQs

A guide to knowing about consequences of IVF through 6 topmost FAQs

Before people visit the test tube baby centre in Punjab, they have tons of questions in their mind. In this blog, we shall be answering the topmost commonly asked questions. These questions are attempted to be answered by the expert’s faculty of the Sofat Infertility and woman care clinic, the best IVF Centre in Punjab. […]

Everything you should know about test-tube baby & the related procedure

We accept that encountering those negative strips, again and again, is not easy for the couple and they have to struggle a lot to get themselves in the regular motion to try once again. But we want to tell you that there is no need to get hopeless since many couples have gone through the […]

How is it safe and beneficial for you to undergo IVF treatment?


Due to the current scenario, most people are focusing on their professional life. Every couple wants that their career should take pace and then only they will plan to have a family. But, when the couple looks for the path to parenthood, they want to look for the different possibilities as they are having issues […]