Explain the types of PCOS and understand what type of PCOS do you have?

Types of PCOS and know about your condition

Explain the types of PCOS and understand what type of PCOS do you have?

What is PCOS?

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Ludhiana: PCOS is additionally known as Polycystic ovary syndrome, which is explained as a hormonal disorder which is actually happened in women of reproductive age.

Symptoms of PCOS

There are several signs of PCOS but the main is a prolonged menstrual cycle. Other symptoms of PCOS are explained below-:

Ovaries are not able to perform their function properly

Due to PCOS condition, your ovaries are unable to perform their function properly due to which you may experience infertility. Infertility in ladies can only be treated with the help of IVF treatment. In order to get IVF treatment you just visit the IVF centre in India so that doctor can examine you first. And then he will recommend you any type of infertility treatment.

Higher levels of Androgens

Androgens are actually male hormones and ladies have some amount of these hormones in their body. Excessive production of androgen hormone leads you to the problem of Polycystic ovary syndrome. In addition, due to increased levels of androgen, you will surely experience acne and hair loss.

Abnormalities in the menstrual cycle

Women with PCOS are at greater risk of prolonged menstrual cycle, which means you just have 9 periods in a year instead of 12.

Some other signs of PCOS are deep stress, high blood pressure, pelvic pain, and skin allergies.

Types of PCOS

There are several types of PCOS such as-:

  • Inflammatory PCOS
  • Insulin-resistant PCOS
  • Pill-induced PCOS
  • Hidden causes of PCOS

Let’s understand these in detail:

Insulin-resistant PCOS

This type of PCOS is related to high levels of insulin in your body. This is actually the main type of PCOS, due to which many ladies are suffered. You may experience this type of PCOS due to sugary foods, smoking, and obesity. In addition, this will lead to ovulation problems such as this condition prevents ovulation. In order to treat this insulin-resistant PCOS, you must visit the doctor. Or you must quit the sugar or foods which contain a higher amount of sugar. And also quit smoking and other types of drugs which can cause this problem.

Inflammatory PCOS

This type of PCOS only occurs due to excessive stress, excessive consumption of gluten, and depression. This condition further leads to fluctuation in hormones, prevents ovulation, and production of androgens. And this condition has many sings such as infection, headache, skin allergies, and vitamin D deficiency. In order to get rid of this condition, you must reduce your stress and depression. Wooden SPA Solutions UK – The Best Value Wooden Saunas, Baths, BBQ and wood fired hot tubs

Pill-induced PCOS

This type of PCOS is caused due to birth control pills which will further result in infertility. You will surely experience abnormalities in your menstrual cycle. In order to treat this condition, you need to visit the infertility hospital so that the specialist can suggest some type of treatments.

PCOS treatment

PCOS treatment includes -: Medications of diabetes, infertility treatment, fertility drugs, Cyst Aspiration, and Oophorectomy.