A recent study reveals that Mosaic Embryos are valuable to develop healthy babies?

Mosaic embryos are useful to develop healthy babies

What are Mosaic Embryos? As science keeps on progressing and specialists become familiar with IVF innovations and embryo transfer, we keep on observing new phrasing and practices in the field. Ongoing investigations directed by the world’s biggest research facility, reveals about new innovations in IVF treatment such as mosaic embryos. Mosaic is the term, which […]

Explain which method is better for IVF treatment: Fresh Vs. Frozen Embryo Transfer?

Fresh Vs. Frozen Embryo Transfer

Fresh embryo transfer During this procedure fertilized eggs, embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus after several days from retrieving the eggs. The eggs which are fertilized are either from women’s ovaries or from an egg donor. Additionally, the women are given fertility drug so that it stimulates the egg production in the ovaries. Due […]

Embryo transfer-: Single Embryo Transfer vs. Multiple Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer

What is an embryo transfer? Embryo transfer is the last step of the IVF procedure. In this phase, your surgeon will implant the healthy embryos in your uterus in order to conceive a child. In the process of IVF procedure, your surgeon first gives fertility medications to women in order to stimulate the ovaries. After […]