आईवीएफ बार - बार असफल होने के बावजूद भी माँ बनना संभव (2)

लुधियाना 31 अगस्त 2019: डॉ. सुमिता सोफत के द्वारा दिया गया बाँझपन की नयी तकनीकों पर लेक्चर।   इंडियन सोसिएटी फॉर असिसटेंट  रिप्रोडक्शन ( आई. सी....
Now There Is No Age Limit For The Women Who Are Seeking IVF Treatment

Infertility puts forward many challenges in the couple's life. Apart from emotional devastation and social ostracism, they have to come to terms with the...
Dr. Sumita Sofat has been Invited as FACULTY for MACORM 2019 - 8th Annual Conference Maharastra Chapter ISAR (MSR).

Dr. Sumita Sofat has been invited as FACULTY for MACORM 2019 which is the 8th Annual Conference of Maharashtra Chapter of ISAR (MSR) which is organized on 30th, 31st, and 1st September 2019.
New Techniques for Ovarian Related Infertility

IVA can help in achieving success in getting pregnant. The comparatively new technique gives a new ray of hope to the infertile couples.
Natural ways to boost fertility

infertility problems are not only experienced by females but also common in males, here we share some tips to improve your fertility.
Signs of Infertility In Men and Women -Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre

The cause of not conceiving may be due to poor sperm motility or morphology. Problems in ejaculation may also be the root cause of the problem for more information read this full article.
About two-week wait after embryo implantation

Many people ask us is there are any counting of embryos to be transferred. Well, this completely depends on your health and embryo condition as well.
Male Fertility Testing Here's What You Need to Know

Testing 80 percent enhances the chances of conception if the right decision is taken at the right time and it gives immense happiness and alleviates stress from life.

चुस्त और फुर्तीला होगा बच्चा अगर गर्भावस्था के दौरान इन सावधानियों का रखेगी ध्यान माँ  
Gynecologist or Fertility Specialist

In case you are trying to conceive but results are not coming then you should seek the help of the fertility Specialist doctor or Gynecologist.