What is Low Testosterone in women?

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Testosterone is a male hormone, but females also produce some amount of Testosterone. It is important for several functions of the female’s body. Deficiency of Testosterone can impact the health of the female. It can also cause infertility in females. The IVF technology can treat infertility. Dr. Sumita Sofat provides you with guidance and treatment […]

A Closer Look At The IVF Process

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Embarking on the path of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can be both an exciting and challenging journey for couples seeking to build or expand their families. This intricate process involves various steps, each crucial to the overall success of assisted reproduction. Today, we’ll take a step-by-step look at the IVF process, shedding light on what […]

What is the ideal season of conception?

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Take a moment and think about the birthdays of your friends and relatives, and you will realise that more than half of them have their birthdays in the summertime. But why is this so? Well, if you count back the months from the birthday, you would notice that the seasons of them all being conceived […]

Explore Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Options of Fallopian Tube Cancer

About fallopian tubal blockage and infertility

Fallopian tube cancer is a rare but deadly gynecological cancer that begins in the fallopian tube, which is the tiny tube that connects the ovaries to the uterus. This problem should be acknowledged even if it is extremely uncommon since it might have an impact on women’s health.  Symptoms  Belly pain that sticks around: you […]

What is the Definition of the Chocolate Cyst?

Are ovarian cysts a dangerous health concern? What is done for the same?

IVF Treatments are very common in this modern era. Females are not able to be pregnant after so many tries is called infertility. It is common in men and women both. The chocolate cyst is also a common problem in females. The reason for the chocolate cyst is undefined, but endometriosis is responsible. If you […]

Cracking the Code: An Easy Guide to Anovulation

Cracking the Code: An Easy Guide to Anovulation

When a woman encounters ovulation, her ovaries do not routinely release eggs during the period cycle. Fertility issues and irregular periods may result from this. Navigation can be brought on by hormonal imbalance, disorders such as PCOS, stress, and thyroid problems. Knowing and resolving this matter is essential for individuals who intend to become pregnant.  […]

What are the Causes of Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction?

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In this modern era, the issue of ejaculatory duct obstruction is very common in men. A condition in which the male reproductive organs become very weak and infertile is called Ejaculatory duct obstruction. It is a condition in which males’ ejaculatory ducts become completely and partially damaged.  Definition of male ejaculatory duct. Male ejaculatory duct […]

Unraveling Uterine Factor Infertility with Expert Guidance

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Uterine Factor Infertility (UFI) is when a woman’s uterus struggles to support pregnancy. Imagine it as a hiccup in the baby-growing process. In such cases, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) offers hope. IVF combines an egg and sperm outside the body, creating an embryo that is then carefully placed into the uterus. For those seeking this […]

Anejaculation Explained- Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

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When a person is not able to ejaculate during sexual activity or other penis-stimulating activity, then this condition is referred to as an ejaculation symptom. This inability to ejaculate resists the feeling of satisfaction for a person and his partner.  Proper understanding of causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment at the best IVF Centre in Srinagar […]