IVF success: A recent study reveals that more than 8 million babies born from IVF till date

More than 8 million babies born from IVF

IVF is the technique which is known as In-vitro fertilization which is specially designed to treat infertility in both sexes. This is the process which has four phases and too popular among people who are unable to have a baby even after many attempts. The phases of IVF treatment are stimulating the ovulation, egg and sperm collection, fertilization in the clinical lab, and embryo transfer.

Moreover, a recent study reveals that more than 8 million babies born with the help of IVF till date after the birth of the first baby named as Louise Brown. This depicts the great success of the in-vitro fertilization process for those who do not have a baby yet. And they want to conceive their own rather than adopting from any other couple. Furthermore, they also demonstrate that more than half a million babies are born every year with the help of both infertility treatments such as IVF and ICSI. They also show the data which they collected from the whole world in which they show that Russia and Spain have the highest rates of birth with IVF technique. They also reveal the truth behind this that the people of both these countries experience infertility due to poor health conditions and genetic factors which can only be treated with the help of In-vitro fertilization.

Some studies show that these days IVF is too common in Punjab, India also because of higher rates of infertility. Test tube baby centre in Punjab collects the data related to infertility in couples which shows the health conditions and not want to have a baby an early age.

IVF treatments rates are rising every year

The success rates and the total number of cycles are now increasing more than any other treatment. Even this treatment is quite expensive but it gives better results that’s why people choose this treatment moreover other ones. This happens because these days people are aware of the treatment options and they lean toward then if they are unable to conceive naturally. But in previous years people did not have awareness about infertility and they think it is destiny.

Egg and embryo freezing is on peak

These days egg and embryo freezing are on the peak because people who do not want to conceive in early age they freeze and store their eggs or embryos in the clinical lab for further use. In this way, they are able to conceive any time in their life. Similarly, both these factors sperm freezing is also done at higher rates nowadays. Not only girls want to conceive late but boys also because of their career options.

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