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Infertility is becoming alarming issue for men and women both so because of it many couples are longing for their own baby. Some people associate infertility with the females only but men infertility is also reality which is increasing with the time

Female Infertility Problems

In women there can be various problem related to infertility like damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, imbalance of hormones , PCOS which can be cost various problems like stress, bad eating habits, side effects of some medicines or due to some medical conditions

PCOS Treatment in India

Male Infertility Problems

In males infertility can be caused by various reasons like excessive masturbation, smoking, alcohol, drug abuse, sexual problems, or even due to much exposure to pollutants. Due to these factors male can suffer from the problems like low sperm count, ejaculation disorder poor quality sperm or abnormalities in the sperm size


For the treatment of fertility issues one must visit to infertility clinics so that these disorders can be eradicated with proper medications and treatment.

For some specific infertility problems treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI, surrogacy, are available that can become hope for the infertile couples.

To know more details about infertility and its treatment feel free to talk to the experts of Sofat Ivf Centre In Kapurthala.