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IVF Centre in Kashmir: Changing Healthcare Offering Better Results

IVF Centre in Kashmir: With the change and advancement in healthcare, everything keeps getting better. The modern approach used in the medical fraternity is why childless couples can have their own family. Well, here I am talking about the high-quality medical services: IVF (IN-VITRO-FERTILIZATION), which gives hope to the infertile couple to conceive despite having difficulty. Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital is one of the Best IVF Centre in Jammu and Kashmir offering medical care beyond the treatment approach. So, be it male or female infertility, under the supervision of Dr. Sumita Sofat, you are at ease to make an informed decision.

Did You Know?

  • One of the studies has shown that around 75% of couples have difficulty understanding what to look for in an IVF center
  • Around 65% have difficulty deciding which treatment is suitable to begin their pregnancy journey with. 

Whether you talk about poor counseling or getting properly informed, the reason can be anything to make the pregnancy journey tough. To reduce the high prevalence rate of patients struggling to get the most appropriate medical care, our IVF treatment centre in Jammu is working 24*7 to assist infertile patients.

Choose Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital To Plan Your IVF Or Infertility Journey in Jammu

  • Located in easy to access location

For most of the patients, there’s always a concern about getting the treatment because the center is not located in an easy-to-reach location. But, with our hospital, we have ensured that all the infertile couples get easy access and don’t have to bother themselves too much to reach the center to get the best possible care. 

  • Years of expertise

Most importantly, Dr. Sumita Sofat’s expertise of +25 years is paramount to making the journey as smooth and safe as possible. In her tireless working years, she has gained more knowledge and sharpened her expertise to deliver the best outcomes every time. Indeed, her efforts are the biggest factor in infertile couples trusting in getting medical care from her.

  • Better outcomes with advanced technology 

Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital stands out from the rest for several reasons. Her hospital is accountable for bringing the most advanced and inventive infertility treatment and technology to North India. One of the latest ones is GE-Voluson Swift, which is technically sound to provide 3D and 4D images for different purposes. The hospital introduced the CASA Test for male infertility a few years back. With such an advanced and inventive technology, the results will only get better with time. 

  • High success rate

Combining expertise and skills is the biggest factor in improving the results. Be it male or female infertility. Our hospital has all the necessary facilities to assist infertile couples in beginning their conception journey. Our success rate chart holds the given value:

  • IVF: 55%
  • ICSI: 60%
  • IUI: 60%
  • Egg & Embryo donation: 60%

These figures are worth considering, and when an infertile couple selects a clinic, this is worth talking about. 

Want To Know More?

If you have been holding yourself up for a long time to begin the IVF or infertility journey, then it’s time to make an informed choice. Under the expertise of Dr. Sumita Sofat and her experienced team can plan for the IVF cycle. Schedule your initial consultation and get yourself a personalized treatment plan in Jammu and Kashmir.