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Pregnancy Is Not Merely A Dream For An Infertile Couple

If we talked about the past when a couple struggled with conceiving on their own for a long time, they preferred to stop trying and live their life, hoping that a miracle would happen one day. Not that miracle happened with the advanced approach used by medical science. Well, here I am talking about IVF (IN-VITRO-FERTILIZATION), one of the most effective treatments that medical science has offered us. At the IVF treatment centre in Himachal Pradesh, Dr. Sumita Hospital offers the finest possible infertility care. Whether male or female, Dr. Sofat has the expertise to address the concern in both scenarios.

Plan The 5-Stage IVF Cycle At Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre

Dr. Sumita Sofat, directing and managing one of the Best IVF Centre in Shimla, takes precise care in handling every infertility case that comes to her. She and her entire team do a thorough study analysis and seek all necessary information to plan the IVF cycle. Primarily, the IVF cycle includes the five steps which are:

Step 1: Ovarian Stimulation

Embryo generation will stimulate ovaries to produce good quality eggs. The doctor will give the necessary medications to make everything work. Additionally, the FSH and LH are combined as ovraies get stimulated.

After that, doctors administer hCG to mature and extract the healthy eggs. The doctor will check your condition throughout the journey through blood tests and ultrasound. 

Step 2: Egg retrieval

The doctor retrieves the healthy eggs to speed up the process of fertilization. The egg retrieval includes several steps to obtain better results:

  • You are sedated considering your overall health, i.e., local or general anesthesia. 
  • Transvaginal ultrasound looks at the vaginal health. Further allowing to extract the healthy eggs to boost the success rate. 

Step 3: Sperm retrieval

On the same day of egg retrieval, the doctor will ask you to give a semen sample. In case of male infertility, the doctor suggests IVF-ICSI for healthy conception. 

Important note!

Men need to stop themselves from getting involved in sexual intercourse at least 3 to 4 days before it. Make sure to follow the given suggestions to improve the success rate of your IVF cycle. So, be it men or women both needs to be careful about everything.

Step 4: Fertilization

Fertilization happens by combining the eggs with sperm. For male infertility, the doctor  suggests ICSI. The procedure includes directly inserting single healthy sperm into the egg. 

For just the case of female infertility, both the egg and sperm are kept together in a controlled environment. So that further fertilization happens. 

Step 5: Embryo transfer

Once a healthy embryo is formed it’s transferred back to the women’s reproductive tract. The fertility doctor prefers to perform embryo transfer when the blastocyst stage has occurred, as the embryo at this stage is most visible and has a higher chance of conception. 

Parenthood Journey Is Possible For An Infertile Couple

Indeed! There’s no point in losing hope or thinking, ‘I might have done something wrong that this happened to me.’ It’s time to change thinking and better make an informed decision. If you want to plan your infertility journey, schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sumita Sofat. She will thoroughly check your condition and give you the most personalized possible care. Feel free to discuss about any concern that comes to your mind.