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IVF is test tube baby technique used for conception. Even the infertile couple can get their own baby with this revolutionary procedure. This procedure can even work for the women that have damaged or block fallopian tubes and undefined infertility.

Men with the low sperm count or problem of poor sperm quality can also enjoy fatherhood with this advanced procedure.

causes of female infertility


This procedure starts with the course of hormone therapy so that several follicles in the ovary can be developed. This initial step is called ovulation induction.

In the next step female eggs are retrieved with very fine needle under local anesthesia to ensure painless treatment.

In the next step male sperms are taken and mixed with the eggs for fertilization in a culture dish under the controlled condition of lab. For 2-3 days fertilization process of eggs is monitored by the expert to prevent any mis-happening.

When fertilized eggs get transform in the embryo then healthiest embryo is implanted in the womb of mother.

After two weeks of IVF cycle women can go for pregnancy test to ensure the success of procedure. If you have chosen the best IVF Centre In Hoshiarpur then chances for conception are greater after one IVF cycle.