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In vitro fertilization is the technique of assisted reproductive technology used for infertility treatment. In this lab procedure eggs and sperms are mixed for fertilization outside the body in the controlled and feasible conditions of lab that mimic the mother’s womb.

When the eggs get fertilized and transform into embryos in short period of time mostly 3-4 days then the best quality embryo is selected by the IVF experts and implanted in the woman’s uterus. After 15 days successful pregnancy can be confirmed with reliable pregnancy tests. IVF treatment is one of the best treatment options for the childless couple.

Sofat Natural IVF Cycle


IVF is best options for the couples that are seeking for Infertility Treatment In Rupnagar as this procedure can be effective in following cases

  • Females that have problem of blocked or damaged fallopian tube can choose this procedure as their tubes make it difficult for egg to get fertilized and the embryo to travel to uterus
  • If the males are coping up with infertility issues like low sperm count, poor mobility and abnormalities in the size and shape of sperm then it can even work for them. This method can be used by combining with ICSI procedure for low sperm count
  • IVF works effectively even in case of unexplained infertility
  • If the females have issues like ovulation disorder, premature ovarian failure then ivf can work for them
  • Women with issue of endometriosis can get successful IVF treatment

Sofat Is The Well Known IVF Center In Rupnagar That Offers Treatment In All Above Cases With Most Feasible Results And Successful Pregnancy After Complete IVF Cycle.