After 26 Years of marriage they blessed with child.

After 26 Years of marriage they blessed with child.

My name is Dharam Singh, son of Mr. Bachan Singh from Majhi Village Dist. Sangrur. I married my wife years back and for the period of 26 years, we had not conceived a child in our home. We got treatment from different places and doctors, but they wouldn’t help at all. We continued trying and hoping that by chance my wife would get pregnant. After a long time, we heard about Dr. Sofat Sumita that she is a good infertility doctor and that many couples have visited her and there were good results.

We didn’t have much courage to reach out to the doctor, but my wife insisted that we should try because all we needed most was a child. We met Dr. Sofat at her clinic one day and it was a major consultation session. We explained every detail about ourselves and how much we really loved to get a child. She asked us to have tests and ultrasounds which we did. It was a tiresome process because we had to travel to and fro for treatment as scheduled by the doctor. We opted for IVF treatments because it depicted that we had higher chances to conceive with it. We spent a period of nine months on treatment until the final day the IVF procedure was conducted. Everything went well and my wife was able to conceive and had a successful pregnancy. We really take this honour to send our appreciation to Dr. Sofat, Dr. Inder and their team for helping us out on this major cause.

Dharam Singh s/o Bachan Singh, Majhi Village, Sangrur.