After 9 Years Navpreet Kaur & Jasmail Singh Found Happiness of Child

Navpreet Kaur & Jasmail Singh

We had been married for 9 years and all we could do is keep on trying to have a child. My name is Navpreet Kaur and my husband is called Jasmail Singh and we live in Moga. I knew that some people face challenges to conceive and in giving birth, but never knew that it could be severe. I began to change my mind set to search about infertility, causes, and how to overcome it. I knew that there was a problem with me or with my husband, but couldn’t identify it. I saw different infertility doctors and hospitals and always got more confused for, which doctor to go in for. I knew that if I had to change from the herbal treatments I was always using it could cost us more. That is why I had to make a choice of a low-cost doctor and hospital. My friend told me about Dr. Sofat and her clinic that it could be affordable for me there. I and my husband visited the Dr. Sofat and to our surprise, she was more than what I expected. She is really experienced and good at her work. We had to start on treatment for months and eventually had a baby girl out of ICSI. It was hard because we had to travel from Moga to Ludhiana and sometimes had to stay for some days or weeks. We now have a baby of our own and that is what we wanted. We are very thankful to Dr. Sumita Sofat because she made our dream come to reality.

Navpreet Kaur

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