Is it true that a woman’s age affects the fertility level and her chances of conception?

Is it true that a woman's age affects the fertility level and her chances of conception

Age and Fertility

Age is considered one of the essential factors which affect the fertility of both men and women. In women, fertility is on the highest level in her teens and the mid-20s. But with time it starts declining which can put a serious impact on her chances to conceive.

Women’s fertility is majorly dependent on how much egg she has and what the egg quality. If the egg count is the highest then the fertility score is also the best. With an increase in age, the egg count declines which creates problems with fertility. Keep in mind, there is no natural way in which the egg count in the body can be increased with the increase in age. The egg count declines with age which makes you infertile.

If you are planning to conceive then consult the fertility expert and she will help to determine the egg count along with the quality. This will give you a better idea about your fertility. If you are facing fertility issues then make sure to visit the best IVF centre in Punjab.


Medical advancement for fertility treatment

The advancement in technology has helped the patients to get the best treatment plan for infertility. The medical industry has noticed many miracles when it comes to women’s health. The infertile woman can get conceive easily by undergoing infertility treatment from the best fertility expert.

According to research, it has shown that there is a dramatic drop in the ovarian reserve after the age of 35 and the egg quality declines to a great extent. Following a healthy lifestyle along with having good physical and mental health improves the chances of conception and you will have a healthy baby. However, it is not going to decline the fact that women’s fertility is impacted because of age.


It is better to be informed about your fertility

There is a common misconception that fertility treatment can control fertility impact because of age. It is important that you consult the best fertility expert so that you get an understanding of which treatment plan is the best. Mostly the IVF treatment is the best option for patients diagnosed with infertility.

Infertility increases the risk of miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities like neural tube defects, mental retardation, and down syndrome. All these issues increase when the woman is above the age of 35.


What can be done to increase the chances of pregnancy?

Women can help protect their fertility from the natural aging process by living a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to exercise regularly, limit the consumption of coffee, follow a balanced diet, and make sure your weight is according to BMI (Body Mass Index).