Are you wondering to know about an In-Vitro fertilization Journey Punjab?

Test tube baby Center in Punjab

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Punjab: When you are planning to undergo IVF treatment, then you need to keep certain things in your mind, so that you can get positive results. Well, this treatment option is best for those who are experiencing certain fertility issues such as-:

  • Blocked Fallopian tubes.

  • PCOS and endometriosis

  • Cancer and chemotherapy.

  • Ovulation problems

  • Sperm problems in males

  • And several medications as well as medical issues.

In these conditions, you need to visit the best test tube baby center in Punjab, so that you can get the proper check-up for your condition. 

The journey of IVF treatment in Punjab.

Choosing the best clinic

First of all, you need to choose the best fertility clinic in Punjab. For this, you must do proper research accordingly, only after then you start following that clinic. Don’t rush to go with the cheap clinics, because the cheap clinic does not give you the best results. You must also check whether the fertility clinic offers you all the necessary facilities or not. If not then do not even think to go with that clinic.

Communicating with the clinic

As we stated above, you must choose one or two clinics, and then try to communicate with the clinic. So directly visit the clinic and try to talk to the senior doctor, so that you can get the detailed information about everything. Additionally, you must ask them whatever you need to know about fertility treatment. If the specialist guides you properly, only then you go with him, otherwise, talk to another one.

This is a very sensitive matter, that you need to handle with smartness and proper care as well. Don’t take any decision in hurry because it will surely ruin your life.

Preparing for your IVF journey

After choosing the fertility clinic, you need to prepare yourself for this treatment. If yiu are obese, then you need to maitain a healthy weight, so that you can improve your chances of success. Otherwise, you will surely experience several problems or complications. Not only healthy weight is necessary for positive results, but you also need to quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption as well.

In addition to this, you must stick to a healthy and balanced diet, which is helpful to improve your chances of success.

Having fertility treatment

After preparation, you must go with the treatment option. This IVF Process has 4 phases such as-:

  • Stimulation of the ovaries.

  • Egg and sperm collection.

  • Fertilization

  • Embryo transfer.

After embryo transfer, you need to wait for conception. You must follow all the instructions of your surgeon so that you won’t face any type of problem in the future during the pregnancy period.