Best IVF Centre For Patients From Amloh, Khanna

Best IVF Centre in Amloh, Khanna - IVF Treatment Cost in Khanna

A lot of infertile women are opting for IVF. If you are thinking of availing the treatment, look up our  IVF centre in amloh.

What’s age got to do with it?

IVF certainly offers hope to childless couples. But the procedure yields better results if the women are of younger age. The reason behind this fact is that eggs produced in a young woman are of better quality. If the concerned woman is over the age of 40 or above, the chances of IVF yielding success go down considerably. It is advisable for such women to hire egg donors of a younger age. Our IVF centre in Khanna provides the latest IVF services.

Freeze your destiny

Another significant step you can take is to get your eggs frozen when you are biologically producing just the perfect material. It means that it is advisable to get your eggs frozen in your younger years when your body is producing optimum quality eggs. The eggs produced during younger years are of the best quality and can be used later on if the woman has problems in conceiving naturally or decides to have an offspring much past the ideal age. Most of the IVF procedures use fresh eggs but frozen eggs can also be used after thawing.

It is especially beneficial to those women who are in the clutches of cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy for their treatment.

Cost analysis

The cost of IVF will vary according to your location. IVF treatment cost in Khanna will depend on the clinic you choose. It is recommended that you take all the factors into consideration before choosing a clinic. The experience of the doctor, the infrastructure and the reputation of the clinic should be carefully analyzed before arriving at any decision.

Frozen facts

It is best to freeze the eggs when the woman is between 28 to 32 years of age as this is the age when the women are at the top of their reproduction capacity. After the age of 35, the quality of eggs start deteriorating, however, young looking or fit the woman might appear to be. The biological clock ticks according to our age and our body acts accordingly. A large bank of frozen eggs is required, should the woman think of using it. The fact is that only 10-30% of eggs result in a healthy baby. Going by these figures, at least 20 eggs must be frozen and that too at the correct age.