Blessed with Baby girl after 20 years of their Marriage

ivf success story

Being a victim of infertility was the worst thing I had ever imagined in my life. I was puzzled from all corners of my life. When it came to selecting the best treatment at Sofat infertility clinic, I was more confused since I didn’t want to take hold of ineffective treatment. Dr. Sofat informed me that IVF could be the best even though ICSI seemed cheaper.

ERA test was advised in order to target my most fertile days for implantation if at all I had to get a successful conception with one or two treatment cycles. I doubted ICSI so; I agreed to take on IVF treatment since it could save money with one or two treatment cycles.

I used Clomid tablets to boost my fertility rate. Eggs were retrieved from my ovaries through an endoscopic surgery and sperms were acquired from my husband through masturbation. The eggs and the sperms were joined in the laboratory and cultured for 7 days. We performed 1 ERA test and lastly, the embryo was transferred into my womb. Dr. Sofat advised me to be calm which I really tried. After 8 days, I got a pregnancy test which turned out positive and carried it for 9 months. I now live a happier life than before.