Boost Up Your Pregnancy With Different Sexual Poses

Boost Up Your Pregnancy With Different Sexual Poses

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Are There Really Sex Positions That Increase Chances of Pregnancy?

There are no researches available that one position is more beneficial in order to get pregnant. In most of the cases, the sperm is not found in the cervical canal after the ejaculation. Only deepest vaginal penetration and maximum cervical contact can make the sense. But the optimal positions vary from the women to women.

What are the various sex positions that enhance the chances of pregnancy?

What are the various sex positions that enhance the chances of pregnancy?


Most of the expert and the parents believe that the chances of them getting pregnant increases of the man are at the top. This also enhances the degree of the penetration and women are in the prone position. This allows the sperm to be deposited close to the cervical opening. This is one of the easy ways to communicate with your partner. This is done by oral stimulating and also touches the each other’s nipples.

Doggy Style

In this style, sex is performed from the back. Women are kneeling down facing away from the partner and then your partner penetrates from the behind. This position involves deep penetration. This position also deposits the sperm near the cervix. This can also increase the intensity of the man’s organism. This pose is quite interesting.


In this position, women lay down facing away from the partner and your partner usually penetrates from the behind. In this case, penetration is not so deep but this method is so much relaxing and this also increases the chances of the conception. In this position, women can move against the male and male member can also stimulate her breasts. You can also increase the pressure with a large number of touches and kisses.

Living on the Edge

In this pose, women lay on the edge of the bed or the couch, then male member penetrated from the front by standing or kneeling. This position is on the top list. This involves the deep penetration and this also added bonus because this is the unusual pose. This pose creates the great level of fun and excitement. This can enhance the intensity and the pleasure of the partners as compared to other positions. This is one of the great examples of the manual stimulation.


In this position, female lay down on her side and her leg is between the partner’s legs. The top leg of the women is lifted over his side and the man is also laid perpendicular to the bottom leg.

The most important factor of the conception is the timing. Most of the women get pregnant in the five or six days of your cycle. This is known as the fertility window. If the above mentioned sexual position does not work in your case, then the next option is to concern the best IVF centre in India because India has developed so much.