Can I hope for a Successful Pregnancy after one IVF Failure?

Can I hope for a Successful Pregnancy after one IVF Failure?

There are many desperate couples who chose the IVF for completing their families as natural conception becomes impossible for them due to infertility issues. The news of infertility can be hurting and painful for everyone but these days due to the advancement of medical science there are many treatment options are available for the infertility couples.

When all infertility treatments get failed then IVF is sufficient to sustain the hope for having their biological baby for the deprived couple. IVF is the lab assisted reproductive procedure in which the female eggs are kept with male sperms for the fertilization in the controlled conditions of the lab and after embryo development; the healthy embryo is implanted back in the mother womb for successful pregnancy.

IVF is the advanced and widely accepted procedure but no one can give guarantee for the success of IVF cycle as the IVF success rates depend on various factors like the age of patient, infertility problem and its extent of this problem and moreover the reaction and acceptance of female body for the embryo implantation.

There can also be great role played by the IVF specialist for the success of the IVF cycle as the experienced and efficient doctor can give the best treatment according to the health condition and extent of the infertility problem of the patient.

Unfortunately, some patients have to suffer due to IVF failure and they get disappointed after one failed IVF cycle but there is nothing to worry about the IVF failure as there can be some reasons for its failure but it does not mean that now the patients cannot conceive with this procedure as there are many advanced techniques and medications that can be combined with the IVF procedure to optimize the chances of its success.

Following are some effective treatment options for the challenging patients who had earlier IVF failure

After one IVF failure patient can again go for IVF cycle after one month means after another menstrual cycle. Experienced doctors know that what to serve to such type of patients so following options can be given to the patient for assured success this time

  1. We ensure the specialized medication protocol for the ovarian stimulation for the patients who are having age more than 37
  2. Advanced techniques like ICSI are used for the men who have low sperm count so that fertilization of one egg with one sperm can be assured
  3. Implantation of the blastocyst is also provided to overcome the chances of birth defects and miscarriage
  4. Females with poor quality eggs can get pregnant with donor eggs and if the male partner is not having good quality sperms then donor sperms can also be used for successful pregnancy
  5. Chromosomal screening of the embryos is assured before their implantation to reduce the risk of IVF failure, birth defects, and miscarriage.