Can Robots Give Sexual Pleasure? Is It Real To Get Married With Robots?


Recent studies have cleared that sex robots are science fiction and idea for taking the robots as the sex partners have explored through the movies and television series like Ex- Machina and Westworld.

Some experts claimed that metal, rubber and plastic made lovers will come in market with programmed features in few months. Sexobots will become reality in the recent years.

Even some facts have cleared that marketing of these sex robots will start from the next year and these Sexobots will have ability to give sex pleasure same as humans and even to talk, walk like humans.

Conference in London also revealed the upcoming invention in the robots that is to get married with robots as early as 2050.

In the same conference some latest developments in the robotic sex toys like the gadgets that will allow couples to kiss even from far. This kissenger gadget will be attached to mobile phones and has in built sensors to detect pressure of sec and ability to transmit the same pressure to your partner in reality. This gadget is yet under development and will be in market in short time.

Even the gadgets like Teletongue are under development which will provide remote oral interaction and even couple could send licking sounds and sensations through cyberspace by using lollipop.

Even the experts claimed that sex with robots will give benefits like there will be no chance to transmit any sexual disease and even it could deliver better sex pleasure. However some experts claimed that with the launch of this Sexobots idea in reality can increase the moral panic that no one would like to have sex with humans then.

Having sex with robots and getting married is going to great invention of science fiction but it seems more than fantasy but experts believe that in future definitely people will start accepting the idea.