Diabetes And Female Infertility Problems

Diabetes And Female Infertility Problems

Diabetes is the severe problems that cause the illness among the family members. The WHO specifies that there are 8 million of the people that suffer with the diabetic issues. This number will be increased to the double fold by this 2030. Diabetes has common effect on the young people .There have been 3% of the young people that are suffered with this problem. This problem is not only common in the young people only but it is also common in the teenagers. Diabetes has affected the women in all over the world.

What are the female problems arise with the diabetes?

Most of the females, who suffer with the PCOS problem, have large amount of the testosterone.PCOS is the result of the abnormal periods or sometimes missing periods are the main reasons of the PCOS problem.PCOS is also related to the overweight and the diabetes. Diabetes is responsible for the menstrual irregularities as well as the infertility. The reproductive time period of the diabetic females is so much less .As a result, she will get the menopause so early.

Can you get pregnant if you have diabetes?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have the diabetes disease. If you control your glucose level, then you will definitely have child of your own. One of the research shows that diabetic patient has more potential for the effective conception. You can consult the best IVF centre in India for the ultimate infertility treatment in India.

Is diabetes is the inherited disease, whether it will transfer from mother to the baby?

If the diabetes is not managed properly during the pregnancy, then excessive glucose level will be transferred in the baby. There will have an adverse effect on the baby and mother throughout the maternity. Child is born for the mother. If mother is having diabetes, then it is the inherited disease, it will be definitely exist in the baby also in the future.

What is the balanced diet for the woman with diabetics at the time of the pregnancy?

Pregnant lady must have an excellent morning meal. You should not take much glucose level in the morning. You have to restrict the quantity of the carbohydrates. You have to avoid eating breads, cereals, fruits, milk etc. You have to enhance the intake of the protein like eggs, cheese, peanut, butter, nuts etc. You stay away from the fruits and the juices; you will have to consult the best IVF centre in India.

Closing thoughts

In order to reduce the menstrual irregularities as well as the fertility levels, you have to enhance the glycemic control. There are only few people who suffer menstrual disorders with diabetes. This is only possible of you have strong metabolic level. It is essential to visit the infertility specialist regularly if you are suffering any female problem with the diabetes. Only specialist can help you to control the hormonal level.

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