Diet For Healthy Egg And Sperm

Diet For Healthy Egg And Sperm -

Becoming a mother is undoubtedly the most wonderful and precious feelings that a woman has. The problems of infertility were uncommon in ancient and medieval India but the present world has brought about significant changes in the lifestyles of people which have resulted in affecting reproduction systems and patterns of women. There are more cases being heard of women suffering from infertility as compared to the past. This has led to increase in IVF treatment in India as it acts as a boon for the women who are longing to becoming a mother. It has become quite popular these days as people have become aware of its positives and the myths as well as fears in the minds of people regarding this have become clear. Now, people are openly opting for this without any hesitation or doubts. This has resulted in rising queries of masses about the diet for healthy egg and sperm. Although, no major link has been cited in the diet and fertility still a healthy diet can work wonders in supporting IVF treatment.

The following paragraphs highlight the diet :

1: Water intake: it is imperative to increase the water intake as water itself holds abundant nutrients required for body. Besides, it also keeps the women’s body hydrated which is quite essential for pregnancy.

  1. Fruits: fruits are rich in fulfilling various vitamin needs of the body and also provide energy to the body. Additionally, fruits help in digestion process and can be consumed during morning, afternoon or night. Therefore, fresh fruits are important to include in diet.
  2. Vegetables: not only fresh fruits but fresh vegetables are crucial for body also to support pregnancy. There are many vegetables such as carrot, radish, sweet potato, beetroot which can be consumed raw and they compensate for the nutrition requirement of body. Similarly, many cooked vegetables can also be consumed to complete the requirements of body and to prepare the body for such treatment.
  3. Nuts and Dry fruits: there are various proteins available in dry fruits which help in providing strength to the body for undergoing treatment as well as maintain healthy egg and sperm.
  4. Proteins: milk, milk products as well as fish suffice the protein requirement of body. As far as the vegetarians are concerned, they should consume more of milk and milk products.

There can also be various foods to avoid to secure health of egg and sperm which are mentioned below:

  1. Packed foods: packed food is an enemy of health especially, in cases of planning a child. Thus, it should be given up at all costs.
  2. Smoking: cigarette smoking is injurious to health and when carrying a baby or deciding to carry a baby in womb, it is hazardous for the health of both mother and child. Hence, it should be avoided too.
  3. Alcohol: although consumption of alcohol itself is not bad for body but, it is not advised when pregnant or having an IVF treatment.

Overall, it can be summarized that it has become widespread but its success can be ensured with good health of egg and sperm which is possible only through healthy balanced diet.