Do such processes like the IVF really hurt?

Do such processes like the IVF really hurt

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre: People usually are having different perceptions regarding this field and also they may be unbearable as far as the cause for concern in amount of pain is concerned. Each patient has a different reaction to the procedures involved and may or may not experience the slight pain. However it is also true that many may fail having this treatment as in most of the IVF centre in India, there are a number of pain though such as the emotional pain or the physical pain.


It requires an abundance of eggs and if the patient uses regularly the process gets much easier for the rest of the time. It also has a situation where you just need to stimulate drugs and inject yourself and the usual cycle is very painful instead of using ovulation drugs you can go for the donor eggs. This method is much easier and also self administered. The patient can also ask her or his partner to be assisted by someone else so that it does not get worse. Egg release may be unforgettable but one should use pleasant and happy while some of the people are suddenly in surprise that how it can be so much successful as the falling pregnant.

Once the eggs have been released then it is generally said that they must be able to retrieve now. There are a number of different ways in which it can be done but the likelihood is that the patient will be sedated and avoiding any kind of discomfort. Usually it has been seen that many of the ladies do suffer from physical pain such as cramping after the eggs have been removed and very much similar to the monthly menstrual cramps we usually undergo while the monthly cycle. The most prominent thing about it is that undergoing IVF is the procedure to implant the fertilized egg back in to our uterus and that too directly.


The physical discomfort which may commonly arise during the normal IVF process may be secondary to the emotional turmoil and thus that can result from any kind of unsuccessful cycle. The day the patient begins the cycle of menstruation every month, they need a comfort level and they can be further trained to take the entire procedure ahead successfully.


The best outcome which is possible that the patient is successful in situations like falling pregnant and achieve a pure healthy baby. On the other hand, some side effects like a slight pain can be there at times.