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What is ICSI Infertility Treatment?


Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection or better known as ICSI Treatment in India is one of most common methods of IVF used by doctors, these days. It is known to be the most victorious cure for male infertility. The success rates go above 70- 80%. ICSI can be used for treating problems with male infertility, as well. It is also used where eggs are hard to go through sperms, unhealthy sperms, and also when sperm donation is involved. Similar to IVF in the sense, that both need eggs and sperms from both partners for proper fertilization. Only a single sperm can be picked up and then injected into each egg because the sperms are injected directly in eggs, the success rates remain high.

The sperm will not have to travel for this method. It is mostly recommended for cases where sperm and egg cannot meet each other, or if they reach or meet, but are not able to breach for various reasons.

This is helpful for both people, who have tried both conventional and natural methods of IVF but have failed in both aspects. The infertility treatment has the highest rate of fertilization for patients.
Post-fertilization, the eggs are put into the womb of the mother.


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