Does Social Infertility Lead to IVF?

social infertility

With the increase in number of infertile couples IVF industry is also booming as couples are spending a lot for having this non invasive procedure.

Studies have shown that most of the couples that are seeking for In Vitro Fertilization method are older and women are having age near about 40. However it was amazing fact to know but it is true that out of 10 IVF couples 8 are older.

What is social infertility?

It has been observed the couples going for IVF are those who are seeking for their first child even in the age of 40 -45. Basic reason that can be understood about this fact is that the couples are delaying their parenthood for some reasons. When couples delay there parenthood for some specific reason and in older age seeks for treatments are called socially infertile.

Reasons for becoming socially infertile

There are couples that delay their plans for family due to some reasons as follows that make them socially infertile

  • Some couples wait for stable relationships between them after that they seek for their child
  • Some time couples seek for family after having financial security as handsome income so that they and nourish and nurture their child well
  • Career can also be reason for social infertility as the couples that are career conscious generally delay their family planning
  • Even some time especially the males do not have secure jobs then it may also be major reason that insists them to have their baby.