Examining The Overall Cost Entailed With The Donor Egg In The IVF Treatment For Fertility

Examining The Overall Cost Entailed With The Donor Egg In The IVF Treatment For Fertility

Pregnancy is bliss and most of the women wait for the time when they will be able to deliver a baby. Being a mother is the most precious and unique feeling of the world. The joy of experiencing baby from the womb till the birth is unmatched and unparallel. There are some women who sadly do not get to become a mother.

They are infertile due to some physical conditions or aging or any medical conditions. But the advancement of the medical field and the latest innovations in the scientific field have brought about significant changes especially in the life of infertile women. One such development is In-Vitro Fertility. IVF treatment in India has become hugely properly and many women are choosing to experience fertility through IVF. It has come as a big respite to all those couples who wanted to become a parent of their biological child but were not able to.


A recent development in IVF is donor egg. Donor egg is the fertile egg taken from a different mother that is implanted in the woman who wants to bear the child. The concept of donor egg does not have much acceptance as people feel ashamed to talk about it. This is because the child born through donor egg does not have genes of both the parents. It is a very sensitive issue and thus needs to be talked about very carefully.


The acceptance to donor egg is very limited and a very few people are coming forward to accept it. The IVF treatment itself is very successful for women aged under 35. For women over 35, the success rate of IVF declines and with this comes to the problem of fertility again. This is because the quality and quantity of their eggs decline over time. Nevertheless, the alternate remedy available to combat this issue is donor egg. It makes the dream of becoming a mother at late ages possible with a success rate of as high as nearly 45%.


There is no fixed cost of donor egg and this varies from medical practitioner to medical practitioner. It is best to take donor egg IVF treatment with a doctor who has a prior history with the same.

Overall, the women today are facing the issue of infertility a lot. They are constantly worried about being a mother. In that case, it is advisable to take the course of latest treatments and become a mother by giving birth to a child even in the later or less fertile stages of life.