Fundamental knowledge of IVF – Mechanism, Success rate and pregnancy test

Fundamental knowledge of IVF - Mechanism, Success rate and pregnancy test

We are unaware of the vast variety of fertility procedures available even today. People usually know IVF treatment as the only fertility treatment. But according to the fertility experts of the test tube baby centre in Punjab, couples suffering from infertility can be treated with ICSI, IUI and IMSI. Sofat infertility and woman care centre, the best IVF Centre in Punjab makes specialised treatment available to cope up with the different fertility problems.

  • So when should the couples opt up for visiting the gynaecologist?

You should be visiting the gynaecologist if you have been trying to conceive for the past year. If you are the one who has conceived earlier and suffered from the miscarriage then before trying for conception this time, make sure you are consulting with the gynaecologist beforehand.

  • What is IVF?

IVF is one of the fertility procedures which is divided into several stages. Each stage is responsible for the performance of the particular task. Initially, the woman is given some medications to make her ovaries stimulate to extract the best eggs. Once the eggs have been extracted then the male is asked to provide the semen sample. The best sperm are chosen from the semen sample after a thorough examination. The sperm and eggs are fertilised to result in the embryo. They said that the embryo will be implanted in the female’s body.

  • When does the pregnancy test after IVF is to be done?

The doctors restrict the patients to take pregnancy tests before 2 weeks. Since it takes 2 weeks for the results of the Ivf to get established.

  • Is IVF associated with a 100% success rate?

The success of the IVF depends on the following factors:

  • The expertise of the doctor

  • The doctor needs to be an expert in IVF to make the patient experience successful treatment.

  • Patients’ ability

  • The ability of the patient to withstand the treatment also plays a critical role in this regard.

  • Carrying out the instructions

The IVF cannot be deemed successful unless two weeks has passed and the patient has experienced positive results. So these two weeks are very crucial for the patient. On that account, the doctor enlists certain precautions and preventions to the couple. If the couple does not follow them or are having a negligible approach to those measures, then they may themselves contribute to the failure of the procedure.

  • Which other fertility procedures will be taken into account?

There are other procedures as well which can be taken into account as per the medical condition.

  • IUI

Intrauterine insemination is the full form of IUI. as the name itself suggests that IUI aims at fertilizing the eggs by injecting them with sperm directly.

  • ICSI

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is the full form of ICSI. Whenever the male is producing negligible sperms and those are getting failed in fertilising the egg. Then this procedure aims at fertilising the egg with a single sperm.

Bottom Line

The complexity of the IVF convinces the couples to take up the procedure from reputed hospitals like Sofat infertility and woman care centre.

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