Have You Looked At These IVF Facts OR?

Have You Looked At These IVF Facts OR?

IVF is currently like a cruise to some people regardless of the financial drawbacks associated with the ART treatment. It is definitely okay to try out IVF in case faced with infertility, but there are cases where IVF is opted by heterosexual couples, single couples, and probably anyone who may find interest in it. The latest IVF breakthroughs even facilitate reproduction, even though your spouse is no more, all you need is his hair follicle. As all these advancements are certainly invading the world and with that, we all must agree that IVF must be governed by legal principles that must be upheld in all IVF centres worldwide.

What are the Facts?

IVF or any other ART procedure ought to be taken seriously as it deals with bringing life into the world. Has anyone ever thought of the right way of protecting the embryo? The embryo is actually in a pro-life phase that can develop into a fetus once transferred to the female womb. Certain procedures like embryo freezing, allow a fertility doctor to cryopreserve an embryo for more than a decade after which, it is transferred to the female womb for development. According to fertility experts, there has been no identified issues or drawbacks between the embryos cryopreserved for that long and the fresh embryos. There are no abnormalities observed in cryopreserved embryos. However, the drawback of transferring a frozen embryo is actually the couple or the woman who is the intended parent.

Some of these embryos are given to heterosexual parents since they have no interest in knowing who the real donor is. Children born to these parents may face a stigma that can taunt them psychologically, causing total isolation. Similarly, bringing up a kid in this lifestyle may affect his or her future and has anyone thought of the sexual traits that this child will take up? Certainly, the authorities must evaluate the would-be risks of raising up a child among same-sex couples.

Egg & Sperm Donation With Surrogacy

When we evaluate all ART treatment approaches, sperm donation remains as the only practice with no or few issues associated with it. For decades, sperm donation practices have been conducted worldwide, but hardly do we come across saddening news the way egg or embryo donation pioneers them. Then, another solid matter remains to be surrogacy. Until date, a number of countries have tight regulations concerning surrogacy. The parent’s eligibility to raise the child after he or she is born via surrogacy is effectively scrutinized. Due to the escalated treatment costs with surrogacy, many couples resort to adoption, since it is fully supported and associated with lower financial setbacks.

However, surrogacy itself must be evaluated by authorities as there are rising cases of feud between surrogates and the intended couples, especially when the surrogate’s eggs were used in the IVF process. Similarly, the same applies to embryo donors who come up to gain access to the born baby. Therefore, rather than just focusing on facilitating conception in couples, the life of the children to be born must be prioritized to prevent a havoc in the future.