How Concerned are you with those Irregular Periods (MPs)

How Concerned are you with those Irregular Periods (MPs)

Not all women are bothered about their irregular periods, but I suggest that you take more responsibility regarding the issue. Irregular periods in the childbearing period are a big concern for you as a woman and at least try to follow your menstrual cycle for general health reasons.

It should be noted that irregular periods may not only be a sign of anovulation which is associated to infertility, but also a serious medical condition that requires effective treatment.

What is a normal period & when is it rendered irregular?

Your menstrual cycle will reveal a lot to you when you start monitoring it with or without the help of a gynecologist. A majority of the women has 28 days as their menstrual cycle, whereas others go up to 30 or more. Taking a pause to ascertain as to why your periods may be longer, painful, and at times no period at all is essential.

Menstrual periods that occur in less than 22 days or even last longer than 8 days are termed as irregular.

According to a research, 34% of the women in their childbearing years deal with irregular periods. This is a major concern since it reduces the chances of conception.

Normally, some women may get their menstrual periods right on time, meaning, on the same date from one month to another while others will delay by 1 day. In case the delay extends to 2 or 3 and more days, this is considered an irregular period. Try to keep a calendar with records to ascertain the facts

Missed Periods and Irregular Periods

A woman is supposed to get her period monthly, and in case she observes irregularity, it may be a sign of PCOS, especially in those with infertility. Anovulation, on the other hand, is a common issue with childbearing women and it is a situation where a woman’s ovaries do not release an Oocyte during menstrual cycle. Early detection and treatment of these two (irregular periods and Anovulation) can reduce the chances of infertility in the future.

Common Causes of Irregular or Missed Periods

Hormonal Imbalances

Sometimes, hormonal imbalances can go undetected for months, but missed or irregular periods and extreme acne breakout are signs of the imbalance. Also, a woman may be having menstrual periods, but still has anovulation


Chronic stress, depression and anxiety are a major cause of hormonal imbalances and the end result is missed or irregular periods. Try to control stress through exercises, dancing, walking and joining clubs


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is an endocrine disorder where the ovaries enlarge in size due to the follicles containing fluid. Women with PCOS are at risk of diabetes and heart problems. Metformin is given to women with PCOs in order to get pregnant and reduce the glucose levels

Age (Menopause)

Women heading into menopause will experience lighter, irregular or missed periods compared to women under 38.

Eating disorders and Dieting

These two also trigger irregular periods and in case accompanied with extreme workouts, the problem is made worse. Control your diet through the right measures and eat a balanced diet.