How does the quality of sperm affect the success rate of IVF treatment?

How does the quality of sperm affect the success rate of IVF treatment?

The couple who are trying to conceive, but failing in every attempt need to consult a fertility expert. By getting on-time consultation at the best IVF centre in Punjab will improve the conception chances.

Well! The IVF treatments have seen an increased demand because of the increased success rate and it allows the patient to get the treatment with great comfort. On average, the IVF cost starts from Rs 90,000 and it can go higher. The reason for infertility or how severe the patient’s condition is will determine the treatment plan and accordingly, the cost will vary.

In many cases, patients wonder whether the quality of sperm will affect the success rate of IVF treatment or not. Let’s dig deep to understand it better.

Semen analysis for Male infertility

The semen analysis is an important test which checks the sperm count. Men with a low sperm count which is less than 5 million motile sperm will have trouble conceiving.

If the man has more than one abnormal defect in the semen analysis will have a problem with their prognosis. One of the interesting areas is morphology where men have isolated abnormal morphology.

Need of IVF treatment in case of male infertility

In some cases, the men will face problems fertilizing eggs and not all of them will be done properly. This is the reason, there will be increased issues and the patient will choose to get IVF treatment. In case of male infertility, the patients are suggested to get IVF with ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

Use of antioxidants

In certain cases, the doctor can suggest the use of antioxidants. Studies have shown that their use will help the patient in case of borderline morphology. Although, the patient needs to take it for 3 to 6 months so that it can show the desired effect. Even if the improvement is less it will take time to show its effects.

Group of sperm fragmentation

There are a group of sperm DNA fragmentation tests on different horizons which includes SCSA assays and tunnel comets. The sperm DNA contribution to good quality embryos is essential to research that needs to be made. Although, the reliability and reproducibility of tests are still needed to be investigated.

In case the high sperm DNA fragmentation index is found, then the fertility expert will suggest the option of donor sperm or antioxidant vitamin therapy. Still, it is important to understand how these tests can be effective. If the male partner is diagnosed with infertility, then the fertility expert will suggest the option of IVF with ICSI. Only through this approach will be able to improve their chances of conception.

Consult the fertility expert

If you are diagnosed with infertility, then make sure that you seek assistance from a fertility expert. If you are looking for a fertility expert then get in touch with our fertility doctor to make the right choice of the treatment plan which improves your conception chances.

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